4 week TV AUDITION BOOTCAMP with Dena Tyler


Intermediate level class for actors with some training. This is a very popular, real world "audition gym" class for actors who want to learn essential audition skills to make their auditions stand out and "pop," whether in person or on a self-tape.  Actors will be assigned current scripts 2 days before each class,  covering everything from drama, to single camera comedy, to multi-camera.   

Dena Tyler

By working closely with Dena, each actor will be trained on what is expected in the audition room, how to create a fully realized character, and how to bring the words to life in a new, exciting and unexpected way. Limited to 10 actors.  All actors receive a video of their work each week for further review.   *Audition Required


upcoming classes:

Sept. 4, 11, 18, 25 (hold Oct 2nd)


If you are unable to make a class, we recommend that you self tape your scene for that week, and the teacher will offer you a full, honest, written critique of your work. We don’t offer credits or refunds for missed classes or no-shows.

*HOLD DATES: At the end of each cycle, we reserve a “hold date.” If the teacher has to cancel one of the four sessions, we will use the hold-week. Please keep that date open when you book your class.

If you miss more than one class per round, we are unable to guarantee your spot for the next round.