The MN Acting Studio is a highly acclaimed TV and film on-camera acting studio founded by award winning actor and acting coach Matt Newton in 2010.   Our studio provides actors with the knowledge, work ethic, and training to compete on a professional level in the current TV and film market.  As there are over 108 shows now casting in New York City, we help combine the craft of acting with the practical, ever changing landscape of TV and film.   Matt believes that every actor is unique and original, and his staff strive to bring out truth and authenticity in all of their students' work.  Matt's

 Our teachers are working actors and coaches, and understand this business inside and out. Our modern approach gives actors the tools to live truthfully from moment to moment, whether they are walking into an audition, or stepping onto a set.   

In Matt's words...

"When I was an actor, I wanted small classes, so I could address my weaknesses, and get the attention I deserved.  No fancy games, no coddling, just work.  I also wanted my teachers to be honest with me, and understand this business, especially how to take whatever talent I had into the current marketplace.  I kept feeling like a lot of acting coaches, while good, had no sense of how the business worked and how to get in front of the right people.  

When I became a coach and built this acting studio, I wanted to replicate that, to build something special from the ground up.   I didn't want it to be about paying to be in front of casting directors.  I wanted to give actors a "gym," a place to work out their on-camera muscles, to make mistakes, and to learn and grow in a  small, safe, honest, realistic environment while also having an intense focus on THE BUSINESS.    

I want you to get work.  PLAIN AND SIMPLE.  My goal is to prepare actors for auditioning and working on set in today's landscape.  Our mission is to help students combine the craft of acting with the practical, ever evolving business side of acting.   This is not a casting director facility, but rather a place to feel safe, work on your craft, and learn this business while also growing as an actor. Our modern, direct, no-nonsense approach gives actors the tools to bring complete truth and authenticity to the work, while also adapting to current trends and industry standards.     Most importantly, I want actors to challenge themselves, to break out of their comfort zones, and to be free to make mistakes in a non-judgemental environment, so they are ready when the real opportunities come along.  I love actors, and I love helping them get work. " - Matt