4 week GUEST STAR BOOTCAMP with Van Hansis 


For advanced actors who are auditioning at the network TV level.   This is a class for professional actors who are moving from co-star roles to guest star roles (longer scripts with more "arc"), and want to work on strong scripts in different genres.   Each week will have a specific focus, and will range from procedurals to single camera comedies, to multi-camera comedies.   This is a mock audition "gym," where Van will assign challenging scripts (1 day before each class) based on type, from current TV shows, and coach each actor to make strong, unexpected, genre specific choices to help enhance their auditions and book the job.  *AUDITION REQUIRED



PRICE: $260

MARCH DATES:  **sold out**

APRIL DATES:  April 26, May 3, 10, 17 (hold 24)

*You can only sign up for this waitlist if you have auditioned for and been accepted by Matt.  We reserve the right to reject any students who sign up without an audition.  Waitlist students will be notified of their acceptance TWO WEEKS before class begins.