4 week CO-STAR BOOTCAMP with Dena Tyler 


This is a brand-new, real world "audition workout" class for repped actors who want to learn essential audition skills specifically designed for co-star auditions on network tv. Students will learn to make their auditions specific, professional, and how to stand out and "pop," whether in person or on a self-tape.  Actors will be assigned current scripts from all different genres the day-of and taught to master the art of the cold-read, last minute script changes, and trusting their instincts.  This class will cover everything from drama, to single camera comedy, to multi-camera comedy.   By working closely with Dena, each actor will be coached on what is expected in the audition room, how to create a fully realized character, and how to bring the words to life in a new, exciting and unexpected way. Limited to 10 actors.  All actors receive a video of their work each week for further review.   


PRICE: $285