4 week CO-STAR/GUEST STAR BOOTCAMP with Dena Tyler 

Dena Tyler

Intermediate level, real world audition class for actors who are just beginning to audition at the co-star and guest-star level. Students will learn to make their auditions specific, professional, and how to stand out and "pop," whether in person or on a self-tape.  Actors will be assigned current scripts from all different genres the day-of and taught to master the art of the cold-read, last minute script changes, and trusting their instincts.  


This class will cover everything from drama, to single camera comedy, to multi-camera comedy.   By working closely with Dena, each actor will be coached on what is expected in the audition room, how to create a fully realized character, and how to bring the words to life in a new, exciting and unexpected way. Limited to 10 actors.  All actors receive a video of their work each week for further review.   


Upcoming classes:

*October 8, 15, 22, 29 (hold date Nov 5th) - SOLD OUT!

*Nov. 12, 19, Dec. 3, 10 (hold date Dec. 17)

*The waitlist doesn’t mean the class is full. It means we are "waiting" to see if the current round wants to sign up for the next round before we allow anyone else to sign up. Current students get first dibs on holding their spot for the next round, and they have to tell us at the final class if they are staying or going. We are just holding their spots. Everyone on the waitlist will be sent an email with a signup link two weeks before class. We will then take registrations on a first come, first serve basis.

If you are signing up for the waitlist it is assumed you have already auditioned for the studio with Matt Newton. If you have not auditioned yet, check the website for the next available round of open studio auditions.


If you are unable to make a class, we recommend that you self tape your scene for that week, and the teacher will offer you a full, honest, written critique of your work. We don’t offer credits or refunds for missed classes or no-shows.

*HOLD DATES: At the end of each cycle, we reserve a “hold date.” If the teacher has to cancel one of the four sessions, we will use the hold-week. Please keep that date open when you book your class.

If you miss more than one class per round, we are unable to guarantee your spot for the next round.