4 week PILOT PREP MASTERCLASS with Matt Newton   


Our highest level ongoing audition "gym" for professional working actors with tv and film representation hoping to prepare for pilot season.   Strong industry referral, audition, or invite only.    This is a real world, challenging, mock audition "gym"  that is tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of each actor, where Matt will throw everything at them, including last minute cold-reads, chemistry reads, or any kind of real world challenging audition scenario.   Prepared scenes are sent no more than one day before, and are meant to push the actors outside of their comfort zone.   The focus is on guest star and series regular roles, or actors can bring in their own audition scripts.   Actors will act as readers for each other, and Matt will coach each actor on bringing the script to life, digging deeper into the work, and putting their authentic stamp on the script, and making strong choices with little preparation time.   All students work each week, and receive a video of their work.  Limited to 10 serious actors.   Matt will sometimes bring in special industry guests to come speak with the students.