December TBD

"Become a Working Actor" workshop with Matt Newton

This workshop can be taken in person or online via a private youtube link. This is the most comprehensive workshop on the business of acting that you will ever take.  We are offering this exclusive workshop to 20 students in person, as well as a live stream online if you don't live in NYC.  Matt Newton is the head coach at MN Acting Studio, an industry expert contributor to Backstage, the author of the popular book "10 Steps to Breaking into Acting," has worked as an actor in both Los Angeles and New York, is the go to onset coach for network TV, and is now a 3 time film director who has written and crowdfunded his own films, one of which is being developed as a show on network tv.   

This is a comprehensive one day workshop for actors who are looking to get a better understanding of the BUSINESS of acting, and how to level up in their careers  No B.S. Just total honesty.   Matt will speak on lots of topics, will also answer ALL of your questions, and you will leave with very specific goals.  Led by Matt Newton, this honest and informative seminar will cover many FAQ's about the acting industry, followed by an open and honest Q&A portion.   Each participant will receive a pdf of Matt's book "10 Steps to breaking into Acting" after the workshop for further review.  Matt will sometimes bring in special guests to speak with students.


  • Figuring out your TYPE

  • Pay to Meet workshops (to do or not to do)

  • The realities of casting (actors access vs. breakdowns services)

  • How to Self Tape Like a Pro (includes list of affordable equipment and demonstration)

  • What should your RESUME look like (how to format)

  • What you should have on your DEMO REEL

  • The difference between an agent and manager (when are you ready?)

  • How to get an agent (freelance vs. signed)

  • When you should join SAG AFTRA

  • Are Student Films Worth My Time (How to Get My Footage Back)

  • What kind of projects should you be auditioning for (union, non union, paid, unpaid)

  • Where to get good headshots and what they should look like

  • What is Filming in New York and How Do I get Seen

  • The importance of creating your own work

  • Having representation in markets outside of New York and LA (even if you don't live there)

PRICE:  $99 ($79 for current students) *email to get discount code.  

TIME: 12-3pm



*You will receive the live-stream link 2 days before the event. Students will be able to ask Matt questions online as well during the workshop.




This one day workshop can be taken in person or line. This is a class for students at any stage of the script process, who are interested in knowing the hard facts about how to bring a script into pre-production, with a focus on budgeting, crowdfunding, hiring a crew, creating a festival strategy, and selling your film. The teacher, Matt Newton, has written and directed three short films, which have been selected at over a dozen festivals, two of which have been sold to a TV network. You don’t have to have a finished script to attend this workshop. This is for students at any stage of the script process, who are curious about the business of getting a film made, whether you have just an idea, a concept, an outline, a rough draft, or a final draft of a short film, a proof of concept, a pilot presentation, or a feature film. This class will include an open and honest q&A with Matt, where he will answer all of your questions regarding your individual situation.

Topics covered include:

  • How to create a budget (with sample line budgets from other films)

  • How to raise money and which platform (crowdfunding vs. grants vs. investors)

  • Should this be a SAG or non SAG film

  • How to find a professional crew and what to pay

  • How to create a festival strategy and find the right festival for your film

  • The best way to submit and market your film for maximum exposure

  • Distribution platforms for short films

  • How to make money on your film

DATE: Saturday, November 10th

PRICE: $99 ($79 for current students)


What students are saying...

"I loved the format. What stood out to me was how you had us all go around and ask questions. It’s rare for a teacher to take that time and I think it really helped us think about what we wanted to learn right then; we were able to walk out confidently knowing that OUR own questions were answered.  The whole workshop gave well-rounded information on several topics. I, no joke, took 16 pages of notes and I’m excited to keep implementing what was covered in my career.   In the past, I’ve felt overwhelmed with constantly being told that actors should create their own work because it seemed complicated with all the moving parts. While you were honest about the challenges of developing work, the way you broke it down made me realize IT IS POSSIBLE and something I should consider. "

"I really enjoyed your workshop and it clarified a number of things for me!  One of the things I immediately did was to fix my Actors Access account and my website."

"Thank you for a great seminar today. You were very genuine, and you inspired me to start doing my own work. I texted my friend while I was at the seminar who has access to film equipment, and edits videos that we need to start writing and filming our own material. I'm so excited about it and the process of learning about something I have no idea how to do."

"The workshop yesterday was really helpful - many thanks to both you and your sister for taking the time to sit down with us."

"I really got a lot out of yesterday's class Matt. Your opinions/insights on the "pay for play" scene balanced by your steadfast belief in/ encouragement of content creation was a great message. Sharing your experience straight from the hip made it very easy to take in and I left with a clear "to do" list for myself.  Also with more inspiration to create outside of someone else's text... or maybe just diminished fear at the possibilities."