Where do I start?

If you are interested in private coaching, email us at info@mnactingstudio.com.  If you are interested in auditioning for classes, you can sign up to audition online.  We post audition dates online once a month on social media.  First come, first serve.  

When are auditions for classes?

Once a month.

What is your class makeup policy?

We don’t offer makeup classes. Instead, we recommend that if you miss a class, you self tape your scene for that week and email it to your teacher for a full written critique.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel within 7 days of the start of class, we will issue you credit for a future class. If you cancel within 48 hours of a class starting, or after a class has started, we are unable to offer refunds or credit under no circumstances.

Why is there a waitlist to audition for classes?

We only allow 10 students in each class, and all classes are ongoing, meaning the students can stay in class for as long as they feel they are being challenged and developing as actors.   Each month, students must tell us by the last class if they are holding their spot for the next round.  If they are not, then we offer their spot to the waitlist, first come, first serve. 

Can I sign up for the waitlist of a class without an audition?   

Nope.  All students interested in adult classes must audition in person.  At the audition, we will tell you which class we suggest for you. If you are under 17, you don’t need to audition, but you must submit headshot, resume, and agent info to be considered.

Does the waitlist mean the class is sold out?

Not at all. It means we are "waiting" to see if the current round wants to sign up for the next round before we allow anyone else to sign up.  Current students get first dibs on holding their spot for the next round, and they have to tell us at the final class if they are staying or going.  We are just holding their spots.  

When do you notify the waitlist if there are any open spots?

We send out a link at noon the day after the final class of the current round.  We will send out an email as a reminder.  First come, first serve.   So jump on it!  We fill quick.

I auditioned for the studio more than a year ago but never signed up for class.  Do I have to audition again?


Where can I find a 2 page tv scene to audition for the studio?

Anywhere.  Google it.  Transcribe one from a TV show you like.  

What if I don't have a resume?  Can I still audition?

You can.  But this is a good time to start making one.

I don't know how to format a resume.  Can you help me?

Read Matt's book "10 Steps to Breaking into Acting."  You can buy it here

What’s the youngest you coach?

8 years old.

My kid's agent recommended I take coaching lessons.  How do I set this up? 

Email us at info@mnactingstudio.com and we will refer you to one of our associates for private coaching.

Do you guys sell gift certificates?

Yes.  We can offer you a gift certificate in any amount, which can be used for coaching, taping, or classes.

Can you guys hook me up with an agent or manager?


Can I stop by the studio and speak to someone?

We'd rather you didn't, as we are usually in back to back coachings or classes.

I’d like to speak to someone on the phone. How do I do that?

Call the number on our contact page!  If we don't pick up, we will get back to you within one business day.  Email is always better, as we don't have someone sitting by the phone all day.  If we can't answer your questions over email, we can definitely call you.

Can I audit a class?

Nope.  We get far too many requests for this, and simply can't accommodate.  Our classes are very small, and we find that having strangers sitting in really disrupts the creative environment of the class.  

How do I set up a private coaching session with Matt or one of his associates?

Email us at info@mnactingstudio.com and we will respond right away.

Do you offer makeup classes?


Do you offer credit for missed classes?

We don't.

Once I take a class, can I take another class at the studio or do I have to audition again?

The teacher will discuss this with you, and if we agree it's the right move, then you can just sign up.  No need to audition again.

Can I post class footage online for my demo reel?


If I’m doing a taping with you, what should I bring?  Who is reading with me?

Bring 2 copies of the sides and be camera ready.  Your coach will read with you, tape, choose the best takes, and send it to you and your reps within 15 minutes of the session. 

My agent recommended I take a class at the studio, but all I see are waitlists.  Is there a way to audition sooner?

Email us and we will try to figure something out. 

Are you guys casting anything?


If I don’t get into a class do I automatically get put on the waitlist for the next round?

Nope.  You would have to go online and sign up for the next round. 

Can I do “just taping" without coaching?

Yes. Email us at info@mnactingstudio.com