"Matt Newton Acting Studio is by far the best on-camera acting school in New York City.  Our clients have gone from just being really great actors to booking guest stars, recurring guest stars, series regular roles and supporting/lead roles in films.  All of the actors taking classes at MN Acting Studio, whether developmental or working actors, are far better equipped with the necessary tools needed to not only make it in this difficult business but to sustain a career at the highest level.  If you are lucky enough to get into one of the classes offered by Matt or his incredible staff, it would be a mistake not to jump at the chance to take them.  In a very short period of time, you will become a better actor with a handle on how the business works and will walk away with the knowledge and power of how to have the career you want and how you, too, can make it to the top". - Erica Bines, agent, Headline Talent Agency

"With as much sincerity as possible, Matt Newton and MN Acting Studio cut the crap and get it done.” -Levi Kreis, Tony Award Winner for “Million Dollar Quartet"

“Matt has been my on-set acting coach for two years and I really like working with him. He is calm and reassuring. Matt has a great way of letting me develop my character on my own, but yet helps out when necessary.” -Tony Terraciano, star of CBS show "Blue Bloods"

"Matt Newton has one of the most well-trained eyes for talent I’ve ever seen.  With students who are learning the true craft of auditions and performance, I highly recommend him as a coach.  More over, as the business continues to grow and change, so does the ‘audition’ process.  Too oft are actors burdened with the task of the ubiquitous self-tape.  Matt has top of the line technology and his self-tapes are 110% ready to send off to CDs, Producers, Directors, etc..  Even better, when he gets the chance to coach and tape, I could not imagine a better success rate!"  -Chris Silveri, manager, Prestige Management Group

"Matt Newton is New York's smartest and most knowledgeable acting teacher and coach.  His coaching and teaching come from a wealth of professional experience.  He's a working actor, on-set coach for a hit television series and knows what those who hire need to see and hear from actors who are auditioning for them.  And all of this he does with a keen eye and a kind heart."    -Brian O'Neill, author, "Acting as a Business"

"Love this man!  Become a student of Matt Newton.  You won't regret it."   -Kim Graham, casting associate, "Homeland"

"I have to tell you that your class prepared me well for being "on set" for my first TV gig. I didn't feel all worried and disoriented. I had a great time and the Blacklist director seemed quite pleased with my work." -Sipiwe Moyo, Actor, "Blacklist"

"You are an astounding, gifted teacher Matt!!  Not only are the scene selections terrific, the actors greatly talented, and your direction and guidance so helpful, but the individual, personalized feedback you have given each one of us in regards to our work is invaluable and, for me personally, incredibly inspiring.  I've never known a teacher to take so much time outside of class to continue providing insight and encouragement to your students the way you do.  Thank you :-)" -Karen Culp, Actress, "House of Cards"

"Being in the master class has taught me to live for the unexpected. It has taught me to always be listening, but more importantly to always be watching my partner. It teaches me that messing up can sometimes be the best moment of the scene." -Katherine Reis, Actress, "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"

"Matt helped Wyatt find his inner gold and subtly brought it out in a few coaching sessions.  Almost everything he coaches or tapes at the studio ends in a callback or booking. Wyatt booked a lead within a month of working with Matt. Best part? They have this very sweet "big brother" rapport.  When Wyatt booked "Felix" the lead in "Wishin & Hopin" he wanted to call his dad, grandparents, then Matt.” - Alexa Ralff (son Wyatt, star of Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom")

"Matt Newton is an intelligent and thorough teacher/coach. He knows how to talk to actors in a way that is understandable and relatable, and organically helps get them achieve a night level of acting. He has a unique skill set and he is a joy to work with!" -Christina wright, casting associate, "Veep", "Boardwalk Empire", and "Vinyl"

"Hi Matt, I want to send you the biggest THANK YOU for the last 8 weeks. I can honestly say that I've seen bigger results from your audition bootcamp than any other intensive I've taken before, and I'm truly grateful for your attention and expertise. I also love the element of meeting CD's in your space. It's so much more comfortable than any pay-to-meet atmosphere and I've learned a ton from these past experiences." -Danielle Guldin, Actress, "Gotham"

"Matt,  I can't thank you and your team enough for all that you do for Parkside's talent. Our talent have developed,grown and booked so much since they started coaching with you.  We are just so thrilled.  Thank you again for all that you do!!" -Peggy Becker, Parkside Talent

"The classes taught at Matt Newton Acting [Studio] combine technique based training with real world feedback. Matt has commitment to giving his students the best training possible and feedback and strategies that will help actors in the development stage of their careers as well as tools for veteran actors to reinvigorate their craft." -Michael Francis, Agent, Leading Artists; Associate Producer, Fiasco Theater

"Matt Newton is not only a phenomenal acting coach, but also a passionate advocate for his clients. I respect him as an integral part of the team and rely on his expertise when developing talent." -Halle Madia, Agent, Innovative Artists

"Matt single-handedly helped me land my job on Ugly Betty. "  -Becki Newton, Actress, "Ugly Betty", "How I Met Your Mother"

"I sent Matt a performer who'd never acted a day in his life, and after just a few sessions he was ready to star in one of my films!" -J. Cameron Mitchell, feature film director (History of Future Folk)

"Attending classes at this studio have been the best thing I've ever done for my career. Matt Newton is a working actor who is currently auditioning and knows what auditions and casting directors want to see TODAY. His advice and expertise is in not just the craft, but the business as well. He has refined and revolutionized my auditioning, and has helped me in all areas from my emotional connection to the scene and character, to the technical aspects of acting on-camera. Even beyond that, he is incredibly supportive, honest, and puts me into the right mind-set before every audition. I can't recommend this studio enough!" -Dev Meenagh, Actress, "Girls"

"Matt has helped me with every aspect of acting. Whether it be getting into character, or gaining confidence before an audition, Matt has techniques and tips to help you.  Matt is very knowledgeable about the industry and understands what casting directors are looking for. If you want to take your acting to the next level, Matt can help you reach your goals." -Jake Goldberg, Actor, "Grownups" and "Grownups 2"

"Matt preaches and breathes honesty. When acting you feel the need to do justice to the script. A lot of the time this leads to an actor portraying a character and "showing" the camera how s/he feels. Matt has conditioned me into believing that less is more when acting for the camera. It's a very simple and well known theory, but it's hard to conceptualize until you actually see yourself on the screen. He truly cares for his students and it's evident by his thorough critiques which are emailed to you the following day." -Colin Medford, Actor

"Bottom Line: Matt Newton is an incredibly honest, yet supportive acting coach. If you nail your scene, great; but if you leave Matt wanting, you better believe he'll let you know. His business expertise paired with his laid-back professionalism make for a killer combination. I wouldn't trust my money or my career with anyone else.  It's hard to put in to words how much Matt Newton has affected me as an actor. When I first came to Matt in the summer of 2011 I was a spunky, over-eager sophomore in the midst of completing my theater degree. I instantly responded to Matt's no-nonsense approach and the ease with which he led his classes. I wasn't used to being taken so seriously as an actor and I immediately began to demand more of myself. I had a newfound confidence in my craft and an insatiable desire to pursue a career in acting. Two years later I graduated school and had undergone several rejections and some major setbacks in my acting. I wasn't even sure I liked acting anymore. It was then that I remembered Matt and how invigorated I felt in his classes just two years earlier. I decided to pick myself up, give acting another try, and see if Matt could help me remember why I chose to do this in the first place. I'm overjoyed to report that after two months of class with Matt I have fallen madly in love with acting all over again. Matt helped remind me of my strengths as an actor and reawakened in me that hunger for a television career that I'd suppressed for far too long. So, yes, Matt reminded me of what I currently bring to the table as an actor, but MOST importantly he reminded me of what I COULD bring to the table if I really pushed myself. That sneak peak into my untapped potential is really what re-energized me and put me back on track. THAT is Matt's most valuable asset: he can see within you what you are truly capable of as an actor and pushes you to be brave enough to GO THERE."     -Stephanie Sherry, Actress

"I have been taking Matt Newton's acting classes for about a year now and every time I'm there I'm amazed of how laid back, and chill it is there, It's a non judgmental zone, and Matt N and Matty B are awesome coaches!!! They really know how to push you, and take you to your highest peak of acting!! And every time I attend a class I feel my peak getting higher and higher!! They also give some great knowledge on the business side of acting, (headshots,agents etc) and you learn so much from the other actors as well, abd its always noce to watch them, and myself grow as an actor. These guys are the best in the world at what they do, and i highly recommend them!!"        -Chris Laqua, Actor

"I really got a lot out of this On Camera Technique class. Matt Newton is very good at getting you to where you need to get to nail the scene. He is very calm and straight forward. He tells it like it is in a very nice way." -Jessica Chollet, Actor

"Well.. hard to even begin.. No words to describe how wonderful these classes and the coach!! Matt is a very sincere, honest person and a dedicated professional. It was SOOOO MUCH FUN to attend these classes. I started realize what real acting is.. and I got to the point where there is no acting, it's just a person with his own unique personality, charisma, emotions, verbal language and the main goal is to reveal the best of it by being yourself and fully committed to the scene, partner, dialogue etc. Well.. it's hard to describe in a few words.. but it totally WORTH IT!!! And the price for this JOY is definitely understated!! Decided to take all of his classes after the Audition On-camera boot camp!! Crazy experience!!! Thank you Matt."   -Alex Topolsky, Actor

The class was phenomenal! Joseph (Melendez) gave me such a wealth of info and I definitely feel like I've grown in the last four weeks in ways that I've been hoping for. Thank you so much for all of your hard work in keeping these classes fun and safe. I especially appreciate all the honest feedback Joseph has given me, and how safe I felt to take all the risks he challenged me to take. -Khalid Hill, Actor

"I really do appreciate this personal feedback. I've taken another class for over a year and although the instructor gave us feedback right then and there in class, which was fine, I like the fact that you go back and watch the scene and take the time out to send these emails. It makes me feel that you and Matt are as committed to the class as much as the students are." -Danny Garcia, Actor

"Working with Matt has been the most beneficial thing I could have done for my acting career. Every time we work on a script together i seem to book the job! He understands the industry and he knows exactly how to fine tune not just my acting muscles, but also my state of mind. I highly recommend all actors try Matt Newton's scene study class. This class taught me to let down walls and to trust myself as an actor.  It's a positive, focused environment where actors of all levels   really come to life. Furthermore, I couldn't live without my weekly one on one session with Matt. The acting world is tough and it's great to have someone there who understands you as an individual, can coach you through every technicality, and who genuinely cares about your development. I'm eternally grateful to have found such an amazing mentor!" -Charlie Le Grice, Actress

"Matt is an amazing coach! I've taken his Basic acting class and since I liked it so much I enrolled in his On-camera audition bootcamp. These were my first acting classes that I've ever taken and I could not feel luckier that they were with Matt. I've learned and advanced so much in every single class. If you take the group classes it's a wonderful chance to meet some great and talented actors as well! Matt is very focused, insightful, patient, knows how to get the best out of you with challenging you, gives every student personal attention (since his classes are small) and will answer you any question you have about acting and the business. At the end of each class I felt more confident and inspired to do and learn more and more. Furthermore, he is a very friendly and nice person which makes taking his classes even more enjoyable and fun! I'm definitely looking forward to keeping working with you Matt. Thank you so much!" -Mila Milosevic, Actress

"I recently took Matt Newton's On-Camera Audition Bootcamp in July and it was truly an amazing experience! With such an intimate class, Matt was able to focus on each student individually, and you have the advantage of learning from others in a class setting. His knowledge of the business, as well as, his personal experiences with being an accomplished actor relates to everyone, whether you are just starting out or more advanced. If you are interested in acting, Matt's the guy! I highly recommend MN Acting Studio!" -Barbara Wassermann, Actress

"Matt (newton) doesn't employ a "once size fits all" approach to his teaching method. Rather, he finds what techniques and triggers work best for you - maximizing your potential in the most efficient manner. He is an astute judge of character and has a very good sense of what will work best. Highly recommended." -Nils d'Alaire, star of feature film "The History of Future Folk"

"Finding the right acting coach is always a difficult task. I honestly did not know what to expect from Matt’s 4-week On-Camera Audition Bootcamp class when I signed up. However, it was so good that I signed up for more sessions of that class afterwards. Matt is such a nice guy and creates a very comfortable atmosphere. He gets to know each of his students individually and really understands what’s good for them. His classes are fun yet challenging which is the perfect combination. It’s an amazing feeling when you actually see yourself progressing every week. Matt makes me more passionate and confident about acting every time. Best coach ever! Thanks for everything Matt!" -Bella Gelman, Actress

"Matt is an incredibly knowledgeable coach who uses his success as an actor to communicate the adjustments that need to be made. His approach is honest, direct, and challenging. While working in a field that is constant battle, Matt continues to encourage and inspire the best that we have to offer."  -Nick Cornish, Actor, "Gossip Girl"

"Matt has built the confidence I needed to walk into the room and truly allow myself to experience something new every single time. Something I was unable to do at times even coming from a classically trained school. The fact that he is out on the battlefield everyday just like other actors gives him great insight to guiding his students. He has single-handedly re-wired how i think from the moment i step into the room and what my job is and how to not let "other" external forces effect my game. With Matt in my corner, I am confident for every audition i go to. Something that is essential to any actors triumphs."  -Eston Fung, Actor, "Royal Pains"

"Studying with Matt Newton has absolutely been one of the best choices I have made as an actor thus far. Having taken his "On-Camera Audition Technique" class, "Scene Study", and his private coaching sessions, I can honestly say they are the most safe, nurturing environments a training actor can work and grow in. His approach is realistic and casual yet so completely challenging and eye opening. His true life experiences, success, and failures that he draws from and offers to his students is an extremely beneficial element to his teaching. He knows it, he gets it, he's been there, and he's here to help your craft and your career in so many ways. He also keeps his classes small in order to spend more time on the development of each individual actor. Oh... And he understands the term "struggling artist" - his classes are completely affordable!"  -Courtney Cavanagh, Actress, "Chicago PD"

"Well, I spent countless hours searching for a coach who could understand the business side of acting and acting as something you love. Matt keeps it real. As an actor himself he understands what casting directors and the powers that be are looking for. His classes are are real, fun, and provide an atmosphere that takes you to the next level. I cannot recommend his classes more, Matt is nurturing to actors, challenges actors, and takes them to the next level. I came to Matt because I needed confidence that my techniques would work in any situation. I have taken his audition technique class and scene study. All i have to say is Matt Newton studios will give you the confidence to go to the next level in you career. Hands down this is the best coaching I can recommend." -Revin Kittles, Actor

"Can't recommend Matt highly enough!  Top-notch coaching in a safe environment.  I don't know exactly what I expected, but he definitely exceeded my expectations.  After just 3 weeks, I booked my first film gig directly from a scene I worked on in class!" -Christopher Moss, Actor

"I have such respect for Matt.  A great teacher, no-nonsense, extremely well-informed about acting as well as the business.  He treats students with respect and kindness. His classes are always small, so that he can give his full attention.  I have learned more in the last 4 weeks with Matt than in the dozens of workshops I have attended in the last few years.  I signed up for a next round of classes and can't wait.  The best part--I really have fun and can see my progress each week because Matt sends my videotaped performance to me after each class.  I also appreciate the fact that he doesn't waste class time going over students taped performances during class.  I recommend him highly!" -Leila Mansury, Actress

"Matt Newton in my opinion is by far, the best acting coach I came across in along time. His On Camera Audition Workshop is affordable, (especially living in NYC) and beneficial for ANY actor at ANY level. He makes you realize, acting doesn't get you the job...but just being in the moment does! He can pinpoint your nuances, and a make them shine. He can also point out the ones you didn't even know you had! You realize that when he sends you a copy of your work along with his comments of what you did that week. I mean really, who does that? Matt Newton does! That's committment! That's a GREAT Coach!!" -Trent Miller, Actor

"As a professional actress who has been in the field for multiple years, I can unequivocally say that Matt is one of the best acting coaches in the business…and this was clear only after one session!! In my opinion, what separates Matt from the average coach is the fact that not only is he exceptionally well-versed and talented as a teacher but also as an actor who has already made a successful career for himself in Film, Television and Theatre. All of this, along with his knowledge of the business and his ability to relate so well to an actor makes him an unstoppable coach who will undeniably improve you as an actor in every way. I feel truly fortunate to have found such an extraordinary coach and am confident that one session with Matt Newton and you will be hooked, just like me!" -Colleen Benedict, Actress

"Words can't even fully describe how amazing Matt is! I spent countless hours trying to find an acting coach in New York who could help me with my acting, and prepare me for my College Acting auditions. I'm so happy that i found Matt on the internet through helpful reviews like on here, and decided to book an interview/lesson with him! Because of Matt and everything he taught me I went into my college audition the most prepared and confident then i have ever been for an audition! In the end I was honored to find out that I got accepted to some of the top competitive acting programs in the country. I honestly do not think i could of made it without Matts professional guidance, honesty, constructive criticism, and encouragement. I really can't thank him enough. Matt truly cares about each and every one of his students and you can truly tell he coaches because he wants to, not because he has to. It's no wonder why he has become known as one of the best acting coaches in NYC. He truly wants to see every single one of his students succeed. Matt brought an actress out in me that i didn't even know existed and because of him i now know i can walk into an audition room and own it! If you are a student looking to improve on auditions, or an actor looking to break into the industry or improve on your craft look no further! I highly recommend Matt and personally plan on continuing to work with him when i return to NY from college. Book a coaching or class, you won't regret it!" -Mariel Horn, Actress

"Matt is THE best coach to work with in NYC. Completely affordable, passionate about his work and brings a confidence in you that you won't find with any where else. His experience speaks for itself and his knowledge of the business is priceless. He has a way of empowering every single student and gave me the confidence again to pursue this once impossible dream into a excited and unpredictable world that I cannot wait to conquer. Phenomenal acting coach and a incredible person."                -Ashley Owens, Actress

"I've worked for Matt as a photographer over the last year and learned about his coaching through several of my clients as well as his. Knowing how talented Matt is as an actor and how successful he's been, I couldn't think of anyone better to refer my clients to for private coaching. His knowledge of the business is remarkable and I feel very comfortable sending anyone who's serious about their craft to Matt. If your looking to take your craft to the next level, Matt's the one I'd suggest you get in touch with. You won't regret it!" -Jeffrey Mosier, headshot photographer

"I have taken other acting lessons at other facilities but it wasn't until I started training with Matt Newton that my confidence and skills have significantly grown. He genuinely values his time with his students. His dedication and patience are beyond excellent." -Cynthia Disla, Actress

"In just a few sessions, Matt has helped me to put together all new audition material and map out the next steps to really take my acting to a different level. Though his skills as an actor are undeniable, it's his practical perspective and frank advice on the business of acting that really set him apart from other teachers and coaches. It's a great feeling to leave every session with confidence that you have made progress. At the same time, Matt's low-key, humorous style puts his students at ease. Highly recommended!" -Kathryn Stevens, Actress

"Matt's the best coach I've come across since moving to the big apple. I wish I had taken his tv/film audition class sooner! He quickly helps you fix whatever mistakes you might be making without wasting time with "fluff stuff". He gets right down to the point and as I watched my tapes back, I could see the improvement after just 1 class. He's a great coach who knows what hes talking about and he really wants his students to succeed!" -David Ryan, Actor

"Just Finished Matt's four session audition class and it was awesome. As an older adult tring a new career I was immediately comfortable. Within two sessions I was able to take Matt's honest and direct feedback, and completely relax and learn some great techniques. I've already see a big improvement in my auditions and have landed two parts in films. I am now taking private coaching with Matt and I urge you, if you are considering the many options out there, you should go with Matt." -Steven Podd, Actor

"Attend my first Skype session with Matt, during that time he helped me focus on the business side of acting, how to 'appeal' to agents and what I need to do in the mean time. often I hit the nail on the head, other times has been time wasted. he helped me to unload some unnesessary tasks as to focus and have better control over career moves...I will be booking again! thanks Matt!" -Jay Storey, Actor

"Having taken multiple classes and private lessons, I would recommend Matt to any actor, beginner or seasoned. He's a great teacher and actor!" -Pat McCool, Actor and Comedian

"Matt has an excellent on camera film audition class. As a beginning Actor in this field I've learned many new skills from working with Matt in this class. He has given very on point critiques of your work that definitely sends you in the right direction. In a field that is highly competitive & cutt-throat you can't beat the price, and working with other great Actors gives you a better perspective for bringing great work to the audition. Will continue to work with Matt, and if you haven't yet given his class a try, please do you won't be disappointed!!!" -Steven Graham, Actor

"I just finished my first four-week film audition class with Matt and have already signed up for the next one. I am a seasoned stage actor but am new to film work, and Matt's class has been a wonderful introduction to the world of film acting! With the small number of students, I feel like I am given a good amount of attention, and he asks students for their feedback periodically. He is firm but fair in his critiques, and it's great to get the video later in the week to review with personalized comments from him in his e-mail. Though I was the oldest person in the class, I felt completely at ease and felt I fit in with the others. . .I recommend this class for actors of all ages and experience levels. While he is a working actor, Matt obviously has a special love for his work as a teacher and coach and he is delightful to work with." -David Fox, Actor, "Fashion City"

"Matt, You are a very talented and knowledgeable teacher. I learned so much in your class that I didn't from other acting coaches. Your approach to auditioning gave me the knowledge and confidence to go into an audition and come out feeling I did my best. I definitely will recommend anybody from the beginning actor to the stage actor trying to get into film and tv to study with you." -Marvin Johnson, Actor

"Coming into this class i didn't know what to expect, this was my first class with someone with any real experience in acting. Best decision I've made thus far. working with him is easy, he gives great advice, and I've grown as an actor since beginning his class. and i am going to continue to take his class. I recommend for anyone rookie or veteran in this industry to take his class. you will benefit from it greatly. i know i have." -Patrick White, Actor

"To be quite honest, I didn't know what I was getting into when I first sought Matt out. All I knew was that I wanted to find an affordable acting coach to refine my technique and help raise my awareness and understanding of the audition process in a large market. I was skeptical at first, because with the number of clients he has, I doubted he'd be able to give me the amount of attention (to detail) I was looking for. What I came to realize was that I made a choice that will benefit me for years to come. Simply put, Matt is the real deal. He's in the room today, so his experiences are current. He brings that information to his clients and helps them utilize it to their advantage. As any good coach would do, Matt quickly identifies your strengths and helps you refine them. However, a great coach won't shy away from difficulty, and Matt challenges his clients - in a safe space - to step out of their comfort zone, stimulating necessary growth. If you have the means to do so, I highly recommend working with Matt Newton. The feedback he provides after each class/private session is valuable." -Gary Kayi-Fletcher, Actor

"Matt has an ability to not only give his students a direct comment that will expose what it is they are holding back. In addition, he is more than adaptable as to what phrasing he uses this allows his notes take a certain effect that the actor almost instantly understands and solves the problem on their own. An acting coach shouldn't really spell out or drag an actor kicking and screaming to the place their work needs to go. Matt is a real acting coach because he is able to help actors push themselves towards growth. i highly recommend working with him." -Kyle Page, Actor

"Matt Newton is an amazing coach. He is honest, direct, and to the point. He sees each students spark and tries to draw each students authentic self out. He has helped me to be more confident and let my personality truly shine. He has challenged me with roles that I did not think I could take on and he has inspired me to continue on my acting path." -Nicole Donofrio, Actress

"Matt Newton is an incredibly good coach because he's an incredibly great audience. Matt's cheering for you. He's in your corner and he's placing you in real audition situations with real audition scripts. Not only that but you get to be an audience member too. I didn't realize how important it is to watch your on camera work, but it is. Without overanalyzing or making anything too precious Matt helps you to overcome any fear of auditioning and makes it so that you'll look professional in the room, even if you're just starting out.  Excellent coach, highly recommend to all comers." -Marc Couchot, Actor

"Matt's classes are awesome. I've never taken a class where I have learned so much so quickly. Watching your video back every week really does help. It took two weeks of convincing for me to start watching mine, and I wish I had watched them sooner. Matt is exceptionally good at pinpointing what every individual actor needs to work on. His classes are fun, and very informative! So glad his classes were recommended to me!" -Amanda Sosnicki, Actress

"Matt just helped my daughter through a Skype session. Her transformation over that hour was incredible. I have always been skeptical about acting coaches, not knowing who to trust. I am thoroughly impressed with his skills. My daughter(who is 10) referred to him as "The actor whisperer". I won't be using anyone else for our coaching. Thanks Matt!" -Rebecca Hall (mother of actress)

"As someone who had no acting experience prior to working with Matt, I was truly petrified of acting in front of people. He was recommended to me by a friend of mine and I really didn’t know what to expect. But in the months that I have been working with him, I have been gaining more confidence and skill due to his knowledge as both a coach and actor, his helpful tips,and useful advice. Matt is great at tapping into your strengths and areas that need improvement-and making suggestions that really work. I work with him privately and have taken his audition technique class- I always feel like I’ve learned something after one of our sessions. Totally loved his class! Not only does he give us current sides to work on, but Matt spends a significant amount of time on each of us, following each cold reading, with immediate feedback.I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. It's clear that he wants the best from us, because he truly cares for our success and is deeply dedicated to the craft of acting and teaching. He's the best!" -Dena Haley, Actress

"I just moved to NY a few months ago and right away I got into acting lessons and classes with Matt. Words can't describe how welcoming he is. He is such an incredible teacher and mentor as well. I had a lot of fun working with him and learning from him - how to connect with myself, how to connect with the person I'm acting with, how to play different characters, and much more. I would highly recommend working with Matt!" -Chloe Angelides, Actress and Singer

"Matt Newton is a valuable asset to any actor. He's an dedicated coach and a great mentor. As a coach he helps you understand the casting process. You'll learn through various methods how to break down a scene, understand your character, connect with your monologue and bring your personality out. My first audition after my on camera workshop with Matt, I received a callback! For my first theatre production I had less than 24 hours to be stage ready! I attribute my recent success to the coaching from Matt. Thank you!" -Evy Huesca, Actor

"As a new actor it is not always easy to find out what direction you should take. I have taken many technique classes and they were all great , but without doubt Matt"s class has proven to be the most practical and valuable that I have taken up to this point. After working with Matt I have more confidence in the audtion process. As I keep taking classes with Matt I am sure that I will get better in the audtion process. find an agent and get that "Part". And that is what it is all about." -Martin Joyce, Actor

"Matt's On Camera Audition class is great for those wishing to learn or improve their skill. He provides up to date sides and gives you instant feedback on what to tweak or modify to improve the read. He also helps you hone your on camera skill at the same time. He is very sharp and in tune to any weaknesses you may have and helps you turn them into your strengths. Great class and great price for the skills learned!" -Mike D'Auria, Actor

"Matt was a pleasure to work with. I took his audition technique class. Every week he gave me different types of roles and challenging scenes to work on. He sees where you need to stretch yourself to get to the next level in your work. It was great to get a video back after the class so you can actually see the changes from each take. Matt knows what's really going on in the business and has a very practical approach to it. I highly recommend him no matter what level you are at." -Megan Hartig, Actress

"Stumbling across Matt's website is one of the happiest accidents I've had since moving to New York to pursue acting. My background is largely in theatre and Matt's guidance helped me find the subtlety of acting for the camera. His advice is practical and current thanks to his own successful career and the fact that he spends his days in and out of auditions just like us. He directs with such clarity that it's impossible to leave without feeling more capable and confident. He's affordable, talented, professional, kind, and accessible. I highly recommend his classes - it's fabulous to learn while doing AND while watching others - and would suggest a private session with him as well." -Megan Cunningham, Actress

"The best thing about working with Matt is the fact that he is a working actor. As such he has an incredible handle on the ins and outs of the business. His critiques are pointed and simple, especially when it comes to acting on screen. And due to his experience, he has intimate knowledge of what casting directors, agents, managers, etc. are looking for in an actor. On a more personal note, he's a great, laid-back guy who truly cares about helping actors of all ages, all types reach their goals. The things I've learned from Matt have already landed me a number of call-backs and interest from a few industry people. Bottom line: Go take one of his audition classes, or see him for a one-on-one coaching. You won't regret it." -Terence Stone, Actor

"Matt is not only an insightful and experienced teacher, he is a fellow actor. He knows what is wanted and what is expected in auditions and from CD's. He has already surpassed the scary audition world into the acting on film/tv world and so his teaching and knowledge is updated and real. Take his class! I would recommend it to everyone who wants to enhance their on-camera audition skills!" -Catherine Kim, Actress

"Matt is an awesome teacher. His approach to monologue and scene work is very streamlined so you are never confused about what is expected of you. Also, and this is very important... he's a successful actor who is actually out there pounding the pavement. So not only is he pursuing the business, he knows what casting directors/agents are looking for. And if you are pursuing film/tv, you will work on camera and he'll play back your scenes so that you know what works and what doesn't in your performances.The best thing about Matt is that he's patient and he cares about his students. He wants his students to go out there book work. I highly recommend him, without reservation." -Maurice Wilson, Actor

"Matt is an incredible Acting Coach. I refer people to him on a regular basis! Not only is he extremely gifted at bringing out an actor's inner talent but also an amazingly knowledgable source when it comes to the industry in general. What a gift it is having him as an acting coach in the industry! Highly recommended!" -Jeffrey Hornstein, Headshot Photographer

"I can't say enough praises about Matt. He is very professional and accommodating coach. He finds a way to make you comfortable as soon as you start to work with him. If you love the art of acting and are a hard worker you have found someone that appreciates the same. Matt really listens to you and works hard to help you achieve your goals. He is thoughtful,kind and extremely talented. His expertise on many coaching techniques leaves you with a great arsenal to look to in every scene you want to perform." -Zara Luciano, Actress

"My 10 year old son recently attended Matt's Pilot Season Audition Bootcamp for Kids. He found it to be a helpful and fun workshop. After the workshop, Matt sent thoughtful and constructive feedback by email, as well as video of the work my son had done in class. Matt is a lovely person as well as a knowledgeable coach. As a parent, I want to add that I appreciate that he allows parents to stay close by during the workshop, rather than having you drop your child with a relative stranger. My son came home and asked, "when can I work with Matt again?"           -Pamela R., child actor's mother

"My 9 year old sons attended Matt's Pilot Season Audition Bootcamp for Kids workshop and really enjoyed it! He not only works with the children but answers questions that the parents may have pertaining to the field. He gives written feedback and a video clip of your child's learning experience which I greatly appreciated! I would definitely recommend him and my boys look forward to working with him again!" -Lorraine S., child actors' mother

"Thank you so much Matt! Your class has been amazing! I've learned so much and have definitely had a major AHA moment when it comes to my work and how I prepare! Focusing in on clear, and simple objectives, and going from there - has helped me TREMENDOUSLY!!! The more I do it, the less nervous I get! I am so happy and grateful to have worked with you over these past few weeks… You are my go to coach from now on (if that's ok with you) - whether it's a self tape or a 2 page scene! I'm hope I'll be able to book you for coaching! You have given me so much! And I'm so grateful!" -Dina Drew, Actress