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"10 Steps to Breaking into Acting"

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In this new and expanded second edition of his popular book "10 Steps to Breaking Into Acting," professional actor and acclaimed acting coach Matt Newton offers an insightful, honest, and comprehensive guide for actors of all ages looking to break into the business, whether in New York or Los Angeles. With an entertaining foreword by his sister, actress Becki Newton (star of Ugly Betty and How I Met Your Mother), Matt gives actors 10 simple steps for starting a career in TV and film, and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

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This new edition includes:

Q&A with Associate Casting Director Kimberly Graham (“Homeland”)

Advice for Kids and Teens

Pay to Meet Workshops

How to Memorize Lines Quickly

Tips for Cold-Reading

The Casting Process (pre-reads, callbacks, bookings)

The Art of Self Taping

The Best Casting Websites for Self-submitting

Creating Your Own Content

The Differences Between New York and Los Angeles

The Best Way to Land an Agent or Manager

Getting over Audition Nerves

Avoiding Scams

Audition Do’s and Dont’s

Survival Jobs

Figuring Out Your Type

The Realities of Being on Set


"If you follow Matt Newton's practical advice when getting started, you'll avoid a lot of common mistakes and you'll be prepared to be your best in front of agents and casting directors. Matt writes honestly about how competitive this business is but he knows first-hand that when you're drawn to it -- you've got to go for it. This book will give you an edge. It's also full of very funny anecdotes about Matt's own path to being a successful actor -- and coach. My 12 year old son, an actor for three years, has worked with Matt very successfully. When Andrew shows up unprepared for a session, there's no sugar-coating. He will say: "You blew it." If I have a question about how to interact with Andrew's agent -- he will tell me the truth. This is the book I wish I'd had three years ago. Even a few years into professional work, I still found plenty of things we can be doing better. This book is very, very worthwhile!" -Melissa Chamberlain

"Despite being a professional actor for over a decade, I like to revisit these "beginner" books occasionally to sort of check in and make sure I'm doing what I should be doing. Not only is this book a fast and enjoyable read, it is packed with information. Of course, I wish I knew this stuff when I started out, but I'm glad I read it now because there are some things I could be doing today to help my career. This is the type of book you want to keep handy so you can refer to every now and then. Matt Newton isn't preachy and he definitely doesn't brag about his own achievements (there are some embarrassing stories that are hilarious). He is concise, informative, and inspiring without pulling any punches. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants a career as an actor." -Nick, Actor, "Gossip Girl"

"I absolutely love this book! I've read it twice already, easy read. It is an incredible hands-on resource for everything you need to know as an beginner actor. The steps are simple, yet very useful, honest and essential if you want to break into acting. Matt, the author, talks from personal experience and you can definitely be sure that everything you read in "10 steps to breaking into acting" is the truth. 5 stars, must have!!" -Mila, Actress

"This book opens doors and clears away the smoke that blinds the beginners process. Mr. Newton takes his years of experience and wisely delivers it to us in terms we understand. Everyone starting out needs a guy to help show them the ropes. This book is your "Bud" in the know. Use it. Recommend it. It will answer the questions you need answers to on how to break in to the very competitive and exciting world of show biz." -Jeremy Fonicello, Actor, "Law and Order"

"Loved this book! It's such a clear cut guide & it's honest & from the perspective of someone who has been through all of the strange/ exciting/ confusing experiences one has as an actor! How could it get any better?! This book makes entering the acting world far less daunting! I think every actor (or potential actor) should pick it up." -Amanda, Actress

"This is a clear step by step guide to setting up your acting "business" as well as how to upkeep it at a professional level. It'll clear that foggy feeling of not knowing what to do next or even how to begin while being entertaining too! I'd definitely recommend buying it, reading it, re-reading it over and over to make sure you're hitting the right goals along the way! 5 stars." -Nati Rabinowitz, Actor

This is a great book for actors that are just starting out. All the information provided in this book takes months to figure out on your own especially when you don't have any actor friends or have friends that are actors that are unwilling to help out a fellow actor. It's a must read if you want to start out and have no clue where to start." -Liz, Actress

"Let me preface this review by saying that I have read countless numbers of books about breaking into the industry of TV and Film. Matt has done something with this book that not only brings lots of insight, but does so honestly. If you are a beginning actor, serious about sharing your craft with the world through television and film, this book should be your Genesis. After reading it, I have such a greater understanding not only for the craft, but the business behind Hollywood productions! I'm very excited to see what the future holds! Good job, Matt!" -Dan Checkley, Actor