Mid year review


How's your acting career going?  Be honest.

The New York TV shows are about to come back from hiatus.  There are 31 shows now filming in New York.  We are six months into the year.  Are you where you wanna be, or do you spend a lot of time complaining and not putting in any effort?  Are you spending way too much money at the casting workshops and never getting called in?

It's time to make a real assessment here.  Is this the right career for you?  Are you okay with the rejection, the waiting, the survival jobs, the pain, the trying to convince your parents that you are happy?   

As we head into the July 4th holiday, I want you to take a good hard look at everything you are doing.  Look at your headshots, your demo reel, your resume, your type, your training, and be honest with yourself.   This is a highly competitive business, and lots of actors will do whatever it takes.   Are you one of them?   You have to train like an athlete, like a dancer, and get better at your craft every day.  You have to understand this business inside and out, where you fit in, and calibrate your expectations.    You can't set a time limit on this career, but you have to decide how happy and comfortable you want to be.   

Choosing an acting career is very admirable, and very brave.  Chasing that dream is wonderful, full of heartache, joy, frustration, and sometimes not being able to pay your bills.    It's time to take the next step, assess where you are at, and decide how to get better, get in front of the right people, and push yourself harder.