4 week FILM ACTING MASTERCLASS with Matt Newton 


Strong industry referral, audition, or invite only.  Our highest level ON-CAMERA "workout" class for professional working actors,  this is a challenging, no b.s. practical class for actors to flex their on-camera acting muscles with difficult tv and film scripts each week.  Actors will learn to take the lines off the page, with a focus on honesty, emotional commitment, character development, and listening, all the while working with different shot setups (closeup, medium, over the shoulder, etc.). The class is tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of each actor, where actors are not allowed to hold scripts, there will be no rehearsals, they have very little prep time, and they will be expected to show up and throw themselves into the scenes with characters both inside and outside type.  For the final week, we will film a real scene on location in a mock “on set” environment. All students work each week, and receive a video of their work.  Limited to 10 serious actors.