On-Camera Classes and Workshops in Darien, CT

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We offer the most professional on-camera classes in Southern CT. We are intensely committed to preparing actors for the real world, and therefore we are honest, practical, and to the point. We want you to grow as an actor, and learn the ins and outs of the business, as well as your strengths and weaknesses in front of the camera. We audition all actors for our classes to ensure quality and professionalism in the work. We prepare actors for the business of acting, whether it’s stepping into an audition, or onto set. In return, we expect that you show up prepared and ready to take big risks and “dare to fail.” That’s the only way to get better. MN creates a safe, honest environment, and encourages actors to work outside their comfort zone.

The classes at MN Acting Studio in Darien are professional level tv and film classes taught by working industry professionals, combining technical on-camera skills with real world, practical applications.  To be considered, all new students must be accepted by master coach Matt Newton, by emailing your pic, resume, and demo reel to info@mnactingstudio.com. Classes are ongoing, offered every month to ensure maximum growth and training. Think of these classes as a “gym,” where you can work out your on-camera skills in a safe, practical, honest, challenging environment. Each class is limited to 10 students to maximize personal attention, and all students receive a video of the work after each class. We also occasionally bring in casting directors, agents, and managers to speak with our students.



Ages 18 and up. This 4 week on-camera class taught by Karen Summerton (“SNL”) is designed to teach actors the fundamentals of improvisation as it relates to on-camera work, script analysis, character development, and just plain having fun without worrying about “what’s right.” Actors will work with exercises, structured improvisations, all the while learning about the technical aspects of working with the camera. This is a great class for actors who want to jump outside of their comfort zone and learn what is expected in a sketch comedy environment.

Tuesdays 7:30-9:30pm


NEXT SESSION: May 14, 21, 28, June 4 (hold June 11)

4 week TV AUDITION BOOTCAMP with Bryan Manley Davis


Ages 18 and up. For serious actors who are transitioning from theatre to tv and film, and want to learn the essential skills for auditioning for the camera. Bryan will assign current scripts 2 days before each class, and work with each enhance their work, choices, memorization, prep, and authenticity in a competitive on-camera audition.   Areas covered include comedy (single and multi camera), one hour drama, cold reading technique, chemistry reads, audition etiquette (slate, eyeliner), discussing of “type,” and making strong choices with little prep time.Limited to 10 students. All actors receive a video of their work each week for further review and growth.

Wednesdays 6-9pm


April session: SOLD OUT!

NEXT SESSION: May 15, 22, 29, June 5 (hold June 12)


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Ages 18 and up. This real world audition class is for working, represented professional adult actors who want to work on current scripts each week in an extremely challenging, professional level class.  Must be a working actor with representation. Matt will assign scripts 1 day before each class, and actors are expected to come in with strong choices with very little prep time. Matt will coach each actor to take their audition skills to the next level, with a focus on imagination and specificity, whether it be comedy or drama.

Thursday 6-9pm


April session: SOLD OUT!

NEXT SESSION: May 16, 23, 30, June 6 (hold June 13)


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This one day small group workshop is for the highest level young actors (with representation and network level credits) who want to enhance their tv drama audition skills with acclaimed acting coach Matt Newton in a “real world” setting.. Class is limited to 8-10 serious, advanced students (hand selected by Matt), who will be coached by Matt Newton through 2 very different, challenging scenes that will be assigned 1-2 days before. Students will work twice on-camera, and Matt will coach them to “drop in”, dig deeper, take direction quickly, and bring their unique personality to the script. This is a great class for students who audition regularly for tv and film, and really want to up their game in a small, intense, honest setting.

*to be considered, email your pic, res, and recent self tape to info@mnactingstudio.com.

NEXT SESSION: Saturday, May 25th

$175 (MN alumni receive $25 discount)

10am-1pm (ages 11-13)

2-5pm (ages 14-17)

4 week “TWEEN” ON-CAMERA ACTING BOOTCAMP with Daniel Cosgrove


This challenging on-camera “real world” tv and film acting bootcamp is great for young "tween" actors with theatre training who are interested in learning how their work translates to the camera. All students work on camera each week, with carefully assigned scenes from current TV shows. Daniel will coach each actor to make strong choices on-camera, enhancing both their unique personality as well as their confidence in their choices and ability to take direction on the fly. Actors will work on comedy and drama, as well as cold-reads, chemistry reads, partnered scenes, script analysis, memorization skills, and "on set" work. Each week actors will receive a video of their work after each class. Actors can take the class as many times as they want, with more challenging scripts each round. Actors are welcome to bring in their own audition scripts if they have an upcoming audition.


NEXT ROUND: JUNE 1, 8, 15, 22




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Ages 15 and up. This comprehensive, practical, no b.s. seminar is for actors interested in pursuing a professional career in television and film. Matt Newton is an industry expert contributor to Backstage, a former professional actor, a filmmaker, acclaimed acting coach, and author of the book “10 Steps to Breaking into Acting”, and will guide this goal oriented workshop dedicated to helping actors understand the ins and outs of breaking into the business. Matt will discuss very specific steps to take to jump into acting at a professional level, from the right kind of headshot, to what you should have on your resume, to when you are ready for an agent or manager (and how to get one). All attendees receive a copy of Matt’s ebook “10 Steps to Breaking into Acting,” and the session will end with a Q&A where actors will get their individual questions answered. Open to actors at any level. No prerequisite to attend.

Areas covered include:

When is the right time for an agent or manager and how do I get one?

What kind of footage should I use for my casting profile/demo reel?

When should I join the union?

How do I format my resume?

How do I figure out my type?

Where do I find audition material?

Should I pay to meet casting directors or agents?

What kind of training should I have?