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4 Week TV Audition Bootcamp with Dena Tyler.

Must be accepted by audition or industry referral, have some training, and have a headshot and resume.  Ages 17 and up. This is a class for pre-professional actors who want to enhance their TV audition skills in a small, honest, non-judgemental setting.   In this 4 week class, actors will work on current TV scripts (individually tailored to each actors strengths and weaknesses). in a mock audition format with Dena Tyler, a working actress and acting coach.  Actors will work in each class, and will be given a very reaistic sense of what on-camera auditioning is like at the highest level.  Dena will assign sides beforehand, and you will be coached on comedy, drama, cold-read, and chemistry reads.  Actors will work with slating, eyelines, type, audition etiquette, getting over nerves, walking into the room with confidence, with a focus on co-stars and guest star roles. 

Who should take this class?

Dena's TV Audition Bootcamp is for pre-professional and professional actors looking to enhance their audition skills. This is a gym to stay sharp and focused and everyone in this class should be actively auditioning, whether it be network shows or student films. 


  • You must audition to be accepted or have an agent/manager referral
  • Strong training
  • Some on-camera experience
  • Headshot/resume

*Current students receive first priority should they choose to continue in class.  We will know the availability for the June term on June 2nd when we will be contacting everyone.